Want to save time calculating recruitment consultant commissions?

Introducing Konquest, an amazing application that can help you to calculate your recruitment consultant commissions with ease


Are you sinking under a sea of spreadsheets as you struggle to calculate your recruitment consultant commissions? Well, we think we have found the perfect solution…

Every business owner would like to reduce the amount of repetitive admin and finance tasks, so it’s no surprise that there are so many helpful, time-saving apps and software programs available. But how do you find the right one for your recruitment business?

Fortunately, the team at Recruitment Accountants have done all the research for you and have come across an amazing application…

Introducing Konquest

Hailed as the first and only automation platform for calculating recruitment commissions, Konquest has been designed specifically for recruiters. This means Konquest has unparalleled understanding of your business challenges.

A decentralised, cloud solution, Konquest puts commission data in the hands of all stakeholders in real-time, on demand.

How does the app work?

Konquest pulls the raw data from your CRM system or timesheet system and automates the calculation process allowing consultants to see the live status of their commission claims. This means they can instantly view past, present and even future commission claims complete with estimates. Approvers and admins have access to data across their teams or the whole organisation, with a clean interface with which to manage the approvals process.

Konquest organises all commissions into individual claims which are available in real time. View placements, scheme calculations and manual adjustments all in the same place.

Can Konquest handle more than one commission scheme?

Yes. The app automates the calculations for all your commission schemes, meaning no more spreadsheets.  There is no limit to the complexity of the commission scheme, providing the raw data can be pulled from a CRM or online timesheet system.

By automating everything you let the software do all the heavy lifting. If you work with different currencies, you can set your own exchange rate or use a daily live rate to effortlessly convert any currency.

Konquest can also automatically calculate clawbacks across multiple beneficiaries.

How easy is it to use?

The widget driven dashboard can be individually configured and makes your data available in ways never before possible. Your commissions system can be presented with game-like graphics, while you can build custom dashboards from the Goals, Commission, Revenue and Targets widgets.

Consultants can set personal earning goals and track them in real-time, an engaging way to show how close they are hitting targets. Filter comparative data on commission or revenue, including rankings and period-to-period analysis.

Set personal, team or organisational targets, then track them in real-time. Think car allowances, annual trips and lunch clubs.

How can we help?

If Konquest sounds like the perfect tool for your recruitment commissions, we offer our clients two options: we can calculate your commissions by using the system on your behalf or you can use the system for yourself.

If you would like to explore the business benefits of Konquest, call our friendly team on 0845 606 9632 or email

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