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Corporate Finance for Recruiters

We help you find the right finance solution for your recruitment business. That’s why we have partnered with Capitalise to help recruitment businesses find the right funding solutions through the right lenders.

Corporate finance funding

Funding solutions for recruitment businesses

‘Cash is King’, how often do you hear that phrase! Running a recruitment business, particularly one with a temp desk, is extremely draining on cash. 

How do you manage that? Should you borrow, can you fund out of existing cash flow? 

We know that, on average, a borrower seeks funding support only 7 days in advance of it being needed and they tend to go to one lender; their existing bank. 

The truth is, most of us spend much more time and effort planning our summer holiday than we do on raising hundreds of thousands of pounds of funding for our business. 

Working with us will give you, on average, a 4x greater chance of successfully securing the lending your business needs with the most suitable terms. 

Our Partner


We understand that sourcing the capital needed to grow your recruitment business can be a time consuming, and often expensive, endeavour.

That is why we have partnered with Capitalise. Capitalise is a business funding platform designed to help SMEs discover finance partners who can add value to your business.

By working with lenders who fully understand the unique financial demands of your industry, you’ll benefit from their years of experience providing capital solutions to businesses just like yours. Through this partnership we can access over 100 leading mainstream and independent UK lenders to provide you seamless funding solutions for your recruitment business.

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Funding areas


Funding areas we cover for the industry include:
  • Invoice finance: Where you invoice other businesses and experience a time lag between the cost of providing services and the collection of your invoice you can use your invoices to get funding. This is particularly important for those of you running a temporary recruitment desk. Funding can take the form of Invoice Discounting or Factoring.
  • Working capital facilities: Obtain a working capital loan or overdraft to finance every day operations. This may sit alongside other facilities and provide a cash inflow or facility to help manage peaks and troughs. Short-term emergency debt finance facilities are also available.
  • Asset finance: Fund any asset, from telephones to cars, through asset finance arrangements
  • Acquisition finance: obtain borrowing to support mergers, acquisitions and Management Buy Outs, selecting from a variety of providers taking the form of personal and/or business loans and overdrafts.
  • Property finance: Get access to bridging loans, development and commercial mortgages to support the acquisition of commercial property.
  • For residential mortgage we  provide this service through our sister company, Provisio Limited, who are qualified Independent Financial Advisors.
Funding Solutions


  • Online Portal – One application can go to many lenders. On the right are some of the lenders we work with. Lenders tender for your business in the first instance, not the other way around.
  • Coverage – we are able to tap in to all aspects of the lending market from high street banks to challenger banks and bespoke lenders. You are better able to assess which types of borrowing best match your risk and cost profile.
  • Time Saving – you are not a finance professional and your time is better spent running your business. We will save you time and hassle, ensuring business opportunities do not slip through your fingers.
  • Accessibility – many deals are done through the online platform and this speeds up the lending process, giving you faster access to the cash you need.
  • Success – the statistics prove you are 4 x more likely to obtain a loan using a professional advisor. For example we will better ensure your cash flow reports meet the expectations of the lender and get through the underwriting process.
Funding Solutions

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