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A healthy culture underpins a successful organisation and we consider it to be more important than the commercials. Get the culture right and everything else falls into place.

A healthy culture underpins a successful organisation and we consider it to be more important than the commercials. Get the culture right and everything else falls into place.

Our Culture at Recruitment Accountants is centred around our core purpose of “Helping You Prosper”, whether that is supporting our clients, our community or our people. For more about what Helping you Prosper means to us visit Our Purpose and Our Values.

We believe that a healthy work environment and a positive culture are essential for the well-being and success of our team. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive workplace that promotes both personal and professional growth whereby the following principles are important:

  1. Inclusivity and Diversity: We embrace diversity in all its forms and believe in creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and heard.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility: We are committed to integrating ethical, social, and environmental considerations into our business operations, actively engage in initiatives that empower our team, minimise our environmental footprint, and contribute to the betterment of the communities in which we operate.
  3. Collaboration and Teamwork: Teamwork is one of our core values. We encourage open communication, transparency, and teamwork at all levels. Regular financial updates, business plan sharing, and weekly team check-ins foster a collaborative environment where ideas and best practices are freely exchanged.
  4. Continuous Learning: We provide ample opportunities for professional development and growth through regular appraisals, structured training programs, and a Leadership Programme that supports career progression.
  5. Flexible Working: We embrace flexible working that allows our team to maintain a healthy work-life balance, with the option to split time between the office and home.
  6. Charitable Initiatives: Giving back to society is integral to our purpose of ‘Helping You Prosper’. We actively support charitable causes, with a particular focus on a local charity, Tom’s Trust, you can read about our ‘Three Peaks Challenge’ fundraising case study here. Some of the other events we have taken part in to raise money for charities include the Cambridge Half Marathon, a Letchworth scavenger hunt, fundraising activities for Ukraine, the 2.6 challenge and Office Olympics to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation.
  7. Health and Wellbeing: We prioritise the physical and mental well-being of our team by offering various health and wellness initiatives, access to mental health resource, employee assistance programme and the ‘Helping You Prosper’ wellbeing calendar (below), which comprises various events focused on self-care, team-building, and community engagement.
  1. Recognition and Rewards: We acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of our team members through monthly Brilliance Awards, recognition of qualifications and exam passes, loyalty awards, and other forms of acknowledgment. To culminate the year, we host ‘The Prospers’ award celebration, where we honour outstanding achievements and contributions.
  2. Social Events and Community Engagement: We foster a sense of community and camaraderie among our team members. We’re not just accountants; we’re a social bunch too! To strengthen our bond as a team, we organise various social events throughout the year including quiz nights, a summer family party, charity fundraisers and our end of year ‘Prosper Awards’.  These events create an environment where we can connect on a personal level, enhancing collaboration and teamwork.

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