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The Future of Recruitment: Part 3 – Digitally Moving Forward

The future of recruitment in the next 12 – 18 months


Continuing our four-part miniseries on the future of recruitment, we share insights from recruitment experts on what they think will happen in the next 12 – 18 months in the recruitment sector. In this blog we take a look at what the experts are saying about moving forward in your business digitally, building digital bridges and using more video communications.

Building digital bridges

Louis Urbanowski, The Recruitment CRM Man at Access Group, knows that moving forward, “everything’s going have to be done remotely and online. That’s not new, that’s been the case for months, but what I think we’re starting to see now is every agency wants to know ‘how do I make the most impact when I engage with candidates and clients?’

Before you would have had the safety net of the presentation of face-to-face meetings. Even if that first call hadn’t gone so well. But now what we’re starting to talk to them about is actually how we can use technology to bridge that gap and make every conversation succinct and concise.


Chris Green, Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital, sees how digital connections will be just as important as face to face ones. “Video is going to be such a key thing, just to replace that lack of human contact.

And Paul Jacobs, Managing Director/Founder of LoveWorkLife Consulting agrees – “It’s an amazing opportunity to really move your business forward into the digital era. Using video platforms to present candidates and clients. And utilising the emotional intelligence, the influencing skills of you and your people to really accelerate the number of opportunities, both in terms of building a trusted adviser position with customers but also to influence and speed up decisions.

Here’s the chance that we have to really provide consultative services rather than old analogue methods of purely sending CVs and hiding behind keyboards and screens. This is our chance to do something, and really provide amazingly good service to the clients and candidates that work with us: the sort of service we’ve always wanted to provide.

We will continue this miniseries next week, discovering more insights into how recruiters plan to move out of survival mode.

This series was inspired by our future of recruitment video, which you can watch here. For more information you can check out our Blogs or Resources pages or you can visit the COVID-19 section on our UHY website.

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