How to build a scalable back office

Have you ever hit that barrier when business has been growing but suddenly your costs are too high, productivity is low and your not making anymore profit?


Have you ever hit that barrier when your business has been growing but suddenly your costs are too high, productivity is low and you’re not making any more profit despite employing more people? A significant contributing factor to this is an inefficient back office.

Investing time and resources in establishing systems and processes from the outset will make a huge difference for your business. I have worked in recruitment for a number of years now and some of the most common downfalls I have come across are:

  1. Excel spreadsheets used to record pipeline, income and receipts
  2. Invoices being drafted using Microsoft Word
  3. No accounting system in place and everything is done manually
  4. Out of date systems being used or systems not being used to their full potential
  5. Directors/owners raising invoices and carrying out the pay & bill process
  6. Systems not integrated correctly, causing duplication of work
  7. Employing full time staff to carry out admin tasks following inefficient, manual processes
  8. Employing under skilled staff to carry out bookkeeping and finance tasks

All the above, can be quite expensive issues in your business especially if you are growing. There are two solutions that will overcome these hurdles – using the right systems that fully integrate and automate your processes and ensuring the right people are carrying out the right tasks.

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