IR35 Off-Payroll Reform Guide for Recruitment Businesses

Covering how IR35 off-payroll legislation will affect your recruitment business, clients and contractors

IR35 Off-Payroll Reform Guide for Recruitment Businesses

March 17, 2020 Update: Government have announced a delay in IR35 Off – Payroll reform to April 2021. 

The IR35 off-payroll reform in the private sector is one of the biggest changes to hit the recruitment industry. Those working with public sector clients have already had to deal with the new off-payroll legislation back in 2017, but this only affected a small number of clients and those clients were fairly easy for the Government to control. The main challenge that recruitment companies faced within the public sector was the exodus of talent from the public sector to the private sector. Now the off-payroll rules are being extended to the private sector, it will become a more even playing field between the sectors.

This guide has been compiled to educate and support recruitment businesses with the changes that are due to come into place from 6 April 2020. At the time of preparing this guide the off-payroll legislation was still in its draft format, however I expect very little will change between now and 6 April 2020.

If you have any questions regarding IR35 and the off-payroll reform please get in touch.

Marie Pegram

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