A back office team without the hassle

One of the biggest frustrations for recruitment agencies is the time spent dealing with back office administration, which is often at the expense of time that could be spent driving the business forward.

We can take care of your routine activities from timesheet processing through to invoicing, credit control, bookkeeping and management reporting, leaving you the time and space to develop your business.

Our back office team will support the efficient running of your business, whether your company is just starting up or established and looking to develop and grow.

Back office service options

Our back office support covers:

  • Timesheets and invoicing
  • Payroll including holiday pay calculations and pension auto enrolment
  • Bookkeeping
  • Management reporting
  • Credit control
  • Human resources

Timesheets made easy

The means of dealing with and processing timesheets can be tailored to your circumstances and if the circumstances make sense we can provide a cloud-based timesheet system that can save you many hours of time and thousands of pounds each year

A streamlined timesheet solution can give you:

  • Online access for contractors and your clients
  • Automated processes
  • Improved accuracy
  • Email reminders
  • Electronic authorisation, including 'one click' approval
  • Electronic distribution of self bill invoices/remittances to contractors and sales invoices to your clients.
  • AWR compliance monitoring
  • Real time reporting
  • Seamless integration into bookkeeping
  • Reports for finance providers

Elimination of payroll headaches

The payroll element of our back office services is operated by our specialist recruitment payroll team who understand the complexities of recruitment company payrolls.

They routinely deal with different classes and categories of staff, permanent and temporary staff, tax calculations, benefit allowances, holiday accruals, commissions and expense reimbursements. They deal with those so that you don’t have to.

In addition, by outsourcing to payroll experts you can be sure that your payroll is up to date with ever-changing legislation, such as Pensions Automatic Enrolment.

Bookkeeping and management reporting

Where possible we use Xero online bookkeeping software so that the online access and real-time bank feeds mean you can keep your fingers on the pulse of your business.

Online bookkeeping and accounting enables you and us to view your live data at all times on any device.

Whether it is raising invoices, reconciling your bank account, sending invoices to clients, paying your suppliers, preparing your VAT return or producing monthly reports our back office service can be tailored to suit you.

Hassle free HR when you need it

In today’s litigious culture staying up to date with the requirements of employment legislation is not optional. That said, it is a tough call for recruitment agencies operating on tight budgets.

By adding HR management to our back office service you can select from the following:

  • Contracts of employment, including your temporary workers or contractors
  • HR policy booklets
  • Staff handbooks
  • Retained support
  • Ad-hoc advice from experts

Next steps

For more information on our Recruitment Back Office services or to arrange a free consultation on how it can work for your business contact Marie Pegram on 0845 606 9632 or by email at m.pegram@uhy-uk.com