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Mastering Talent Management: Engagement, Incentives and Succession 

Join us for this essential webinar on effective strategies to engage top performers, optimise long-term incentives and creating a robust succession plan. 


As a recruitment business owner, securing and nurturing top talent is more than a priority – it’s a necessity. Join us for this essential webinar on effective strategies to engage top performers, optimise long-term incentives and creating a robust succession plan.   

Date of Webinar: 18th April 2024

Key topics to be covered:  

  • Establishing a succession plan that aligns with your business goals and culture 
  • Techniques for cultivating future leaders and unlocking their potential 
  • Long- term incentive plans, including EMI share option scheme, to boost loyalty and performance  

Our host, Marie Pegram, along with an esteemed panel of recruitment industry specialists, will offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This session promises to be invaluable for recruitment business owners looking to engage their top talent and build their succession plan. 


Marie Pegram, Partner, Recruitment Accountants 

Marie is Partner at Recruitment Accountants, as a recruitment sector expert, she knows the ins and outs of this industry and provides a fully encompassing service which includes everything from general accountancy and tax compliance, through to corporate finance and outsourced FD services.   

Marie actively supports the recruitment sector through their APSCo membership and other recruitment networks. She frequently speaks at industry events and is currently a judge for the prestigious APSCo awards, recognising excellence in the recruitment industry.    

Stuart Hutchison, Partner, Recruitment Accountants 

Stuart, a Partner at Recruitment Accountants, collaborates closely with recruitment business owners nationwide, ranging from startups to multi-million pound international corporates. He provides comprehensive business advice, FD/MD support, long-term incentive planning, tax solutions, and back-office services. With over 15 years of specialisation in the recruitment sector, Stuart’s passion lies in steering clients through commercial challenges towards achieving their goals. His presence in the boardroom is invaluable, driving growth and success for the businesses he partners with. 

Mark Constable , Partner, Mark&Co Global

Mark Constable, Founder of Mark&Co, has dedicated over a decade to empowering business leaders to secure their future and gain freedom by developing and retaining highly effective leadership teams. Recognising the critical challenges faced by businesses in nurturing and keeping their future leaders, Mark has developed executive development and retention programs that address the core issues leading to the departure of key personnel.

With a focus on improving communication, aligning individual aspirations with organisational goals, and enhancing recognition of star performers’ unique strengths, Mark’s interventions have proven transformative. His approach not only minimises the risk of losing top talent but also maximises the potential these individuals bring to their roles and the broader organisation.

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