Is your recruitment website mobile-friendly?

With more and more people seeking solutions on the move, the need for a mobile-friendly website has never been so important, particularly in the recruitment sector.


With more and more people seeking solutions on the move, the need for a mobile-friendly website has never been so important, particularly in the recruitment sector.

With this objective in mind, businesses of all sorts have had some nightmare journeys to getting online on the move, but most agree that their efforts have been worthwhile. Dave Martin, who’s often referred to in the press as the evangelist (or ranter) of mobile recruitment internet access, claims that only around a tenth of company career sites in the UK and the United States allow job seekers to apply for jobs from their mobile phones.

According to this guru, the remaining 90% of sites are really missing a trick, and it’s time for them to wake up and smell the coffee.

Overall cost of hire is a pricey and complex area and reducing this cost is an ongoing battle faced by recruitment agencies worldwide. There’s no doubt that reducing this cost is something that can be done through smart use of technology. However, totting up the cost of getting your candidates on board shouldn’t be viewed apart from the application process or the return on investment of your own website, both of which, in today’s environment should embrace mobile technology if you want to place your agency at the top of its game.  Making sure your application process is user friendly and doesn’t encourage candidates to leave your site due to difficult to answer questions; poor question order or systems that are awkward or ‘clunky’ are all ways of making sure your candidates follow their initial actions through to a conclusion. Recruitment websites losing candidates during the application process is all too common. This is all good and well if those candidates aren’t top-notch, but if they are, it’s a real shame.

Put it another way…how much have you invested to get your potential candidate to the point of registering on your site and how many of those candidates slip through the net because your site doesn’t treat them with the kid gloves they need? Luring a candidate into your net is a costly business and making sure you have the crème de la crème candidates to present to your clients means (unfortunately) you’re going to have to attract the good with the bad (and sometimes even the downright ugly). But making sure you capture the good means that you need to make the process as slick and streamlined as possible.  You need to make sure that every device and every medium is working on your behalf and today, that weighs heavily in favour of having mobile devices on your side.

The whole world is going mobile and, at the moment, recruitment is trailing way behind. This is a real shame, because the reality is that your best candidates are likely to be the busy ones, who are constantly on the move and don’t want to wait until they’re back at their laptop or desktop to process their application or make their registration. They are screaming out to make their interest known, on the hoof.  It may well be that they can access part of your site or explore their options on their mobile, but you break the sales process (that has already cost you a great deal of money to get them to the interest part) when it comes to converting them. That’s a real pity.

In a recent article Dave Martin confirmed that twice as many candidates will put up with delays and niggles to be able to apply on their mobile than on a desktop if both options are available. Offering Amazon’s scary statistic that a slow load time typically loses them 7% of customers because they walk away before waiting for their solution, it really is time to pull out all the stops. If this is what Amazon are experiencing with all the investment and effort they’ve put into making buying as simple as ABC to buy, it really is time for action if you’re to make the jump to mobile recruitment.

While a mobile-friendly recruitment site mightn’t currently come cheap, it certainly is an option well worthy of investigation. Here are our Top Tips for getting your recruitment business firing on all cylinders whilst on the move:

  1. As an absolute minimum, make sure your site is adjusted for mobile devices
  2. OR Create a mobile version of your site.
  3. OR ideally, next time your site is to be revamped, rebuild it to make sure it works across all devices.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Make sure your recruitment site loads quickly on a mobile.
  6. Double check that your site looks good across all mobile devices.
  7. Ensure that the mobile experience is as good as it can be i.e.  avoid complex menu systems and hard to negotiate buttons.
  8. Make an obvious and easy to use Search facility your priority.
  9. Include a clear and easy to follow call to action e.g.  “Apply Now”
  10. Future-proof your site by building in the ability to update as the playing field changes and develops.
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