How to Market a Recruitment Agency – Part 2

Our partner Growth Recruits share actionable advice for some of the best approaches to marketing for recruitment agencies in 2022.

Growth Recruits

This is Part 2 of ‘How to Market a Recruitment Agency’ by our partner Growth Recruits, who share their specialist insight into marketing in the recruitment industry.

In ‘How to Market a Recruitment Agency – Part 1‘, Growth Recruits covered three of the key points to consider when creating a recruitment marketing plan. In this post they will share actionable advice for some of the best approaches to marketing for recruitment agencies in 2022.

Five Strategies for Marketing a Recruitment Agency

After working through the above three points, you should have:

  • A clear idea of who your marketing strategy needs to appeal to
  • An understanding of the problems your target audience faces and how your recruitment service solve them
  • A unique feature of your agency that makes it better than the competition

Each of these needs to be considered when creating any kind of marketing campaign or content if you want your efforts to be successful.

But where do you go once you’ve established the foundations of your recruitment agency marketing plan?

Below are five of the most effective marketing approaches for agencies in the recruitment industry. Depending on your brand and your budget, you can use some or all of these to create an effective, multi-faceted marketing strategy that will target a range of potential clients and candidates and help to build a strong brand identity that will eventually start bringing business to you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very broad term that relates to any form of content produced by a brand as part of its marketing efforts.

As a recruitment agency, there are a variety of types of content that you can use to grow your following, establish a positive reputation, and reach a wider audience.

Blog content is a classic choice that is great if you don’t have a huge marketing budget, as this kind of long-form written content can often be produced by members of your team with insight into the recruitment process and/or the industry you work in. Regularly publishing content on your blog that covers topics your clients and candidates are searching for will not only lead to more visits to your agency website, but help to build your brand’s reputation as a trustworthy source of valuable advice.

Other kinds of written content include eBooks or whitepapers, which again can be used to build a reputation of an agency that knows what it’s talking about and offers its clients and candidates genuinely useful recruiting advice. You can distribute this content in the same way as blog posts, or encourage readers to sign up to a mailing list in exchange for access to this content, which can be used as a method for email marketing.


Partnerships can be incredibly useful for brands who are looking to grow their following and reach new audiences, whether they’re potential clients or candidates.

A partnership can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to marketing, from collaborating on PR campaigns to publishing guest content and promoting each other’s services. The business you partner with can just be another recruitment agency, or it can be a brand whose customer base overlaps with yours.

It’s important to have clear goals in mind when it comes to partnership marketing, as although it is very useful to have an ally in the industry who you can share insight and ask for help with ideas, a simple relationship isn’t the best use of the time that could be spent on marketing. Establish what you both want to get out of the partnership right at the start, and then decide on the best way to go about making this happen.

Social Media

Having social media profiles for your recruitment agency is essential in the world of modern marketing. More and more businesses are moving away from traditional methods of marketing and pursuing potential clients and candidates on social media platforms, and if you don’t start engaging with these platforms then you’re likely to get left behind.

When researching your target clients and candidates, establish which kinds of social media platforms they spend their time on. Then, ensure that your agency is active on these platforms and start sharing content that is going to appeal to these users.

When coming up with ideas for social media content, remember to go back to the specific demographics you’re targeting, what they want and why your agency is the best choice for them. Regular posting and interaction is important, but not if you’re sharing content for the sake of it that doesn’t have a specific goal in mind.

As well as regular social media marketing involving sharing content promoting your agency, connecting with others in your industry and interacting with potential candidates and clients, paid social media marketing is another option. This involves creating ads for platforms such as Facebook or Instagram and paying for them to be pushed in front of an audience that is likely to engage with them, growing your following and leading to more visits to your agency website.

Paid social media requires financial investment, so it might not be the first step for every agency. However, you can start small and then build out your approach depending on what works well, using the data from previous campaigns to hone your approach.

Email Marketing

Email marketing for recruitment agencies is one of the best ways to nurture your leads, build good relationships with potential clients or candidates, and increase conversion rates. It involves setting up regular email correspondence with a mailing list who have opted in to your communication, sharing content they will enjoy that can include videos, advice and links to other content that either you or others have created.

The best thing about email is that it’s one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing, and whilst it will require some time to set up, is quite a low maintenance way of keeping your target audience engaged. Use an email marketing provider to automate as much of the process as possible, meaning that every time someone new subscribes, they will be sent a series of emails designed to move them down the buyer funnel.

Email marketing is most effective when you personalise the content you share, which again can be done using email campaign software. You can build pathways that personalise the email marketing content your mailing list receives depending on the links they click on or preferences they share, meaning that your email content is much more likely to be engaged with and your audience feels closer to your agency.

Start your email marketing campaign by creating a subscribe button on your agency website or setting up lead magnets to gather contact details. Spend time setting up various pathways for your mailing list, and then measure the results and adapt your approach. 


Finally, PR can be one of the best ways to get your agency’s name out there and get noticed by a huge number of potential clients and candidates. You can do this through press releases, reactive PR or marketing campaigns, all depending on your marketing expertise and budget.

PR is all about sharing engaging stories with the right audiences, so unless you produce a viral marketing campaign (and you should definitely give it a try), you’ll need to focus on creating stories that involve your agency and then identify who might like to hear about them. 

Perhaps you’ve launched a new service or approach to recruiting. Maybe you’re undertaking a partnership with an unexpected brand. Maybe your new advertising campaign is particularly memorable, or you’re releasing content on a topic that hasn’t been covered by anyone in your industry before.

If your agency does something worth talking about, PR will ensure that as many people as possible get involved in the conversation. Good PR can make a massive difference to a brand’s reputation and have a huge impact on the amount of business they get, so whilst it’s a marketing approach that takes skill and experience, the results are more than worth it.

Next Steps

If you’re struggling to get started with marketing your recruitment agency, or want to talk to industry experts about some of the approaches outlined above, get in touch with our partners Growth Recruits and find out more about the services they offer.

Growth Recruits are the ‘go to’ marketing partner for recruitment companies. Their vast industry experience enables recruitment companies to become more visible, attracting & engaging with candidates and clients through various marketing channels. Whether it’s driving traffic to your website through Website Design, SEO and Content Marketing, or converting your traffic into leads through best practice Email Marketing and Paid Social Media, their campaigns are proven to increase lead generation.

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