Helping You Prosper Calendar promotes workplace wellbeing

Creating a healthy workplace is a key part of our values & purpose of ‘Helping You Prosper’ as it can help our people to enjoy better working lives.


Here at Recruitment Accountants, wellbeing in the workplace means more than just a poster on a noticeboard or a weekly email — we take it seriously. That’s why following on from its success last year we have launched our 2022 Helping You Prosper Wellbeing Calendar.

Creating a healthy workplace is a key part of our values and purpose of ‘Helping You Prosper’ as it can help our people to enjoy better working lives. This is particularly important today as the continuing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means management and teams are often exposed to stressful and complex situations.

Don’t just take our word for it, according to the CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey, stress continues to be one of the main causes of absence in the workplace. Overall, nearly four-fifths (79%) of respondents reported some stress-related absence in their organisation over the last year, which rises to 91% in companies with more than 250 employees.

Worryingly, the survey also revealed that respondents remain less positive regarding the skills and confidence of managers to support and assist with mental health, despite improvements over the last few years.

“As accountants, we work in a highly pressurised environment and these daily stresses can lead to staff absences and, in the worst cases, long-term health issues,” says Marie Pegram, head of wellbeing at Recruitment Accountants.

“In recent years we have continued to put more and more resources into mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, which aligns with our purpose of Helping You Prosper. Prosperity doesn’t necessarily mean financial and in order to help our team prosper we cover all areas from work/life balance to mental health. This year’s Helping You Prosper Wellbeing Calendar is living proof of our commitment and is a programme which has been designed around what really matters to our team.”

What is the Helping You Prosper Calendar?

This wellbeing initiative gives our people the opportunity to take part in various activities throughout the year. The aim is to help everyone have a happy and prosperous 2022.

Created in conjunction with our partners at Office Athletes, the calendar is divided into four categories: self-care, team, fun and giving (left column).

Every month has been given a theme, such as nutrition, connection, women’s health and stress management and these are based on the 9 pillars of wellness. We are busy arranging guest speakers, social activities and fund-raising events, before offering, as per last year, a health assessment at the end of the programme.

The year kicked off in January with an inspirational talk by food and lifestyle coach Carey Davis-Munro, who focused on nutrition and the benefits of adopting a Vegan diet (even if it’s only one or two days a week).

According to the NHS, vegan and vegetarian diets are associated with lower risks of certain health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. They are also linked to lower rates of Type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

Next month we have our quarterly social event which will be bowling and then March we will be focusing on Women’s Health. The feedback from the programme has been fantastic with comments like “The HYP/Wellbeing programme has, so far, been one of the best initiatives introduced in my time at UHY” making it all very worthwhile.

If you would like to find out more about this programme or what it’s like to work at Recruitment Accountants then please get in touch.

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