EV charging grant: should recruitment businesses take advantage?

Did you know that in addition to individuals, your recruitment business can also apply to the government for an Electric Vehicles (EV) charging grant?


Did you know that in addition to individuals, your recruitment business can also apply to the government for an Electric Vehicles (EV) charging grant? Find out why more and more small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are queuing up to take advantage of the funding offer.

We have previously covered the numerous company car tax benefits of switching to electric vehicles, but the good news does not stop when you pull up outside your workplace. The government is also offering generous incentives to install charging points at business premises.

How does the EV charging grant work?

Officially called the ‘EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets’, the scheme covers up to 75% of the cost of installing a charging point and any future charging points. There is a limit of £15,000 per grant.

The breakdown of the funding includes £350 per charging socket and £500 per parking space, fitted with the appropriate infrastructure. This means every parking space claimed must have its own charging socket linked to a charging point (present or planned). The charging infrastructure must support at least five parking spaces, with at least one working charging point.

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) provides this grant, which is claimed by the charging point installer.

Who can apply for the grant?

The EV charging grant is open to any small-to-medium-sized business with up to 249 employees. Your company must be UK registered with either a Companies House company registration number or VAT registration number. According to the government, using your company registration number will speed up your application.

Please be aware that OZEV will treat linked enterprises as a single company, and can request further information or evidence to support your claim.

Does my business premises qualify?

Your commercial property must be in the UK and contain a car park with at least five, clearly-marked, off-street parking bays. While these spaces can be separate from the business property, you will need to provide your installer with the Land Registry title deeds as proof of ownership.

Depending on the exact location of your premises, you may require electrical cables and infrastructure to be placed across neighbouring property or public land. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary legal permission before any work can start.

A key point to remember is that the charging points must be for the exclusive use of staff or fleet vehicles.

How does the EV charging grant process work?

First, you will need to obtain a quote from an OZEV-authorised installer who will offer advice on the suitability of your business premises. If you decide to proceed with the work, ensure that your choice of charging point is OZEV-approved and that you have the installer’s OZEV registration number.

Head to the government website and create an account when you will be asked to supply all the relevant information for your EV charging grant application. As soon as OZEV has approved the funding, your installer can do the work and will claim the grant on your behalf.

You will receive an email to review the claim. If you do not make any changes, OZEV will pay the installer.

Need advice?

Making the switch to electric vehicles and applying for an EV charging grant is a big financial decision for recruitment business owners. You need to consider the financial implications as well as the practicalities.

Our friendly team provides a full range of financial and business advisory services, call them on 0845 606 9632 or email

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