2019 – Are you up for the challenge?

This article from our 2019 Recruitment Sector Outlook looks at the challenges ahead.


Brexit is the obvious challenge for 2019 but with the uncertainty that surrounds this, there is very little that a business can do right now. We are sitting ducks waiting for decisions to be made. Let’s put that aside and concentrate on the challenges business owners can influence.

  • Technology – Whilst human relationships will continue to form the bedrock for our industry it’s hard to ignore the impact technology will have on some aspects of what we do. Tech savvy recruiters are using technology to improve effectiveness and efficiencies to drive up profits.
  • Growth Sectors – The obvious sector that is continuing to flourish is the tech sector. Competition continues to remain fierce in IT and finance sectors whilst there is promise for further investment in Healthcare and Construction.
  • Talent and Skills – Employers continue to recognise the importance of staff retention and continuity. With the generation gaps increasing, employers are forced to change their approach. Culture and work/life balance have never been more prevalent.
  • Diversity – The world is becoming a smaller place and that makes it even more imperative to embrace all cultures, religions and beliefs. Ensuring your business does not cut off channels to quality talent is vital.
  • International Expansion – Overseas economies such as USA, Japan and Europe are looking strong this year. If you can overcome the demographics, language barriers and you have sufficient cash to invest then these markets may be a profitable move for your business.

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